Social Hub: Social Ecological Sustainable Building

Social Hub: Social Ecological Sustainable Building


Social Hub is a residential building that offers different ways of dwelling (traditional apartments, shared apartments and small apartments for short stays). It also has community spaces for inhabitants, coworking spaces and a penthouse for cultural activities and entertainment  open to the public.

The main entrance of the building and the coworking reception area are located on the ground floor together with a mini-market, a coffe shop, a meeting space and a news stand/magazine book store.

The shape of the building is related to the best solar exposition for all its parts and visual integration with its surroundings. The building’s south-west exposition, the materials of the facades that avoid overheating during the summer together with the presence of shaded spaces connected both vertically and horizontally to the upper levels, make it fit the climate and meet energy sustainable requirements.

The building is an initial study on a residential typology that allows units to be combined in different forms, according to the specific need of the construction, and have also an optimized solar exposition and integration with the outdoor space.

Maurizio Trovatelli + Paola Macchi